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What We Do

We don’t sell insurance. We develop an understanding of your risk profile and requirements, and negotiate options to transfer your risk via insurance contracts.

In essence, we are insurance buyers, acting on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome on both price and coverage. We deal with insurers… so you don’t have to.

Expert Advice

Tailored Solutions

Product Development

Claims Advocacy

Superior Service

Peace of Mind

Our services don’t stop at the transaction phase.
We help you at every step of the process.



We get to know you and your business, present an overview of our approach, discuss your requirements at a high-level.



A more detailed analysis of your business and insurance requirements, commentary on your existing program, investigations and recommendation on potential alternative products or placement structures.



Finalisation of insurance placements, review and preparation of formal insurance documentation.



Ongoing service and management, including changes to address evolving requirements, contract review, and proactive claims management.



Provision of market updates and developments likely to have an impact on the insurance program, contract review, and training and awareness of risk and insurance matters of interest.


We would love to connect with you to learn about your business and how we can collaborate to achieve your risk transfer goals. Crafting a tailored insurance program to suit your specific needs is a data-driven process, and we'll ensure it's a seamless experience for you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today, so we can start this journey together!

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